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Your business + OrderAxe = Business Simplified and Boosted

Never Miss Out On Crucial Details

Stay ahead of the game with data analytic tools, real time reports & intelligent notifications

detailed order notification

flexible to emphatic reports for analytics

One Platform To Connect All Your Associates.

Eliminate all communication constraints with Orderaxe's centralised, self-sustaining, highly secure & transparent network architecture….

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Revamp The Entire Order Fulfilment Process.

With 24/7 order tracking, real time order-related notifications & robust design to handle large orders, make fulfilling orders a butter smooth task….

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Address All Data Security Concerns.

Data hosting on AWS servers, access to verified logins, OTPs & data access limits add up to provide best in class data security.

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Grow Your Business Like Never Before

Build and Sustain rich connections with your Customers & Associates.

Operate Your Business The Way You Want

You suggest. we implement. you enjoy the fruits

Analyze your data

Create reports with an easy to use drag-and-drop designer.

Collaborate securely

Share/publish your reports with your colleagues.

Embedded analytics

Get a powerful analytics tool in your own brand name.

Easy and Intuitive

Easily converse with your data using everyday language.

Our Solution For Your Business

We are self-service data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing

Apt for businesses of any scale.

Cross-platform availability for increased productivity.

Hosting on AWS servers for industry-leading data privacy & security.

Real-time info & updates on every aspect of a business.

Tools to design brand pages that reflect a business.

Multi-brand management with one account.

24*7 access to product catalogue & inventory.

Freedom to form private & secure networks of self-chosen retailers & distributors.

Regular performance reports of all team members and products.

Ability to run entire businesses on a single device.

Real-time notification to every concerned associate on adding a new product to the catalogue & inventory.

Real-time synchronization of product inventory and catalogue.

Separate logins for each team member.

Custom data access limits for each team member.

24*7 access to product catalogue & inventory.

24*7 status tracking of all orders.

Connect with multiple businesses via a single account.

Product performance insights via timely analytical reports.

Digital product catalogue for executives to avoid carrying physical samples.

Build your own identity instead of promoting a vendor’s.

Connect with more than one manufacturer via a single account.

Establish a good rapport in the market by associating with well performing products.

Manipulate product prices at your own discretion.

Gain a competitive advantage with real-time reports, notifications and updates.

Service Available At No Cost

We are self-service data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing

unlimited retailers

unlimited distributors

unlimited team members

real time activity feed

Analytics report

real time inventory reported

platform CMS,IOS,Android

offline access to apps

inventory synced product showcasing

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We are self-service data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing data visualizations.